Enterprise Content Management: Simplified Processes with Better Tools

Any business, whether small, large, old or new, needs to be able to manage content that it produces and consumes easily. Content is created all the time, everyday, but the truth is that not many people take the necessary steps to make sure that content is of value and as useful as possible. Ensuring that context is always part of your content makes it more valuable and relevant, but it is also important that you manage this content efficiently – that’s where content management systems help.

Content Management Systems should be a way to extend the life of your content’s relevance and value. It needs to ensure that the content’s inherent value is captured and leveraged as much as possible throughout its life cycle.

FedCMS puts the tools and processes in place that allow you to capture the expertise of the person creating the content so that it can be effectively managed, stored, and more easily retrievable. We do it for the way your organization works.

Our solution is comprised of our products, Word2XML (MS Word add-in tool) that integrates with open source CMS and eCMS systems like Drupal, Alfresco as well commercial ones like SharePoint, Documentum, FileNet and more.

What we provide is a proven combination of software, systems, processes, and best practices that we’ve vetted over the years with clients ranging from content publishers to people doing digital preservation and archiving. We know and understand enterprise content management systems and we know how to do it right, so that it’s not only easy but gets the job done in a way that delivers value every time.

Let us help you with the creation of the right solution and right framework for your content management needs.

Contact us now so that we can help you maximize getting value out of your content.